Bringing in year 35 with a "Getaway"


Getaway House DC has been on my to do list for a while. I wanted to do something adventurous and different for my birthday and “Glamping” seemed liked the best idea. I did a little research (because that’s what I do when looking for cool things to do) read all the reviews and BAM….its booked!

Off we go!


Whats it’s like on inside?

The cabin is absolutely amazing as it is fully supplied with everything and more. During my winter getaway it was 4 degrees but the cabin stayed nice and toasty all night. Each cabin has a generator so you’ve got electricity, hot/cold running water, a stovetop, mini fridge, and a shower/toilet.

We made a quick Target run on the way and stocked up on liquor and snacks.(who takes a getaway without drinks?) I also noticed its a few diners/restaurants and Wineries nearby. You do have the option to purchase a variety of snacks that are available in your cabin! We took advantage of the hot coco and spiced it up with some old fashion bourbon. Each cabin comes with a queen size bed ( super comfy ), linens and the absolute best view of the Shanenandoah Valley Mountains.

Cheers to the birthday girl


What is Getaway House?

Getaway House is a tiny hideaway cabin located about 2 hours outside Washington DC. The amazing part, the cabin comes fully stocked with what one would need for a getaway. The idea behind Getaway house is to disconnect, recharge and relax out in nature. At first, I thought disconnecting would be difficult but we found it super easy! We read books, played card games, cooked, played some good music and caught up on some much needed girl time.

Getaway house has outpost located in Atlanta, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and most recently the DC area. All of them book up quickly so be sure book yours ASAP!!


Where is the Hideaway?

The Getaway House is about a 2 hour drive from the District in the Shenandoah Park in Virginia. Super easy road trip down Route 66/29. On the day of your stay, Getaway House will text you the house name plus a keycode to get inside. Each cabin has an assigned name making it easy to locate on the post.


Why you should try it?

I know I know…….. A cold winter night in the woods with no Netflix and limited cell service seemed crazy at first…. but once we arrived it was all worth it. It was the perfect experience to reconnect with friends, meditate, and goal set. The house will supply you a cute reflections workbook with great games and conversations starters just in case you run out of things to do.

I actually made time to read… something I never do but plan to. Ive always had a love for nature and adventure so waking up to the sunrise in the woods was perfect to bring in my new year.

At the end of our stay, we made sure to check out Early Mountain Vineyard, it made for a nice close out to the trip.

Happy Birthday to me!


It’s not a celebration without cake

It’s not a celebration without cake